Tuesday, 16 August 2016


Her hair grows long, wild and grey
There may be goose feathers in her smock
Some say she crazy - but she ain't
She just a cool old lady who seen a lot

Sometimes the kids come round her porch
She don't tell them to go away
She just give them that old Phoebe stare,
Wheezes on that black old cigar -
And starts on another yarn
That's what they been waiting for

Sometimes they leave her presents
They all love her, that old gal Phoebe

123-year-old Phoebe 
Ain't as active as she used to be
Her main activity be
Sittin' on her porch
Tendin' her bees
And swillin' that ol' cider
She been brewin'
That old gal Phoebe

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